Photo by Megan Mueller-Weaver

Allison Edwards, part of the Where Wear in the City twin duo, was immersed at an early age into a love for fashion, Hollywood glamour, and dressing the part! It all began with the styling of her grandmother-big bags, oversized sunglasses, and a fabulous pair of heels to a small stint during her younger years as a model; she’s always game to viewing the latest fashions whether it be on the runway or in a fashion magazine! With her calendar booking up as we speak, you can find this avid charity and event scenester around the town blogging and enjoying good company!

Having not only a passion for fashion, but a love for working with children, she holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology, working as a speech language pathologist in both Texas and California. She devotes her time to helping others and serving as a mentor and supervisor for other aspiring speech professionals.

When she’s not out saving the world, she enjoys working out, training for marathons (yes, she has done NYC marathon twice), playing tennis, attending cultural events, spending time with her beloved chi-weenie Coco Chanel, traveling, and shopping for a bargain of course! And who says you can’t have it all?

Photo by Megan Mueller-Weaver

Photo by Megan Mueller-Weaver

Courtney Edwards, the other half contributor to Where Wear in the City , enjoys the finer things in life…. fashion, nightlife and events. At an early age of playing dress up in her grandmother’s closet, as well as hosting parties for her friends, Courtney developed a love for being hospitable! With an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Administration and an MBA in Marketing, she combined her two passions into the works of marketing and event planning by day, to organizing and attending charity events by night! As an avid writer and blogger, this event planner knows all about creativity and hopes to one day own her own company with a philanthropic mission!

When she’s not out hitting the town, you can find her working out, training for marathons (has run NYC twice), playing tennis, going to concerts and cultural activities, traveling, shopping, and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns. Sharing space with her chi-weenie, Audrey “Audie” Hepburn, she finds the comfort of writing and internet browsing at home her best muse. With a chai tea latte in hand, she is ready to take on the next event!

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Emma Wilkiemeyer is one of our newest Where Wear in the City bloggers to share her passion for preparing delicious and healthy foods. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up her inspired creations, she’s riding her horse, climbing the mountains of Arizona, traveling the globe and living a balanced life met abundantly through hard work and play. Often willing to try most things entertaining whether that be- rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, and hiking, this is where her willingness to experiment with cuisine plays a part. Having lived the vegetarian lifestyle for almost 6 years now, she has experimented between 100% Raw, Pesco Veg, and a macrobiotic vegan. Through her courses at Arizona’s Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, she has learned that all of just one extreme can be too much and that balance is the key to healthy living, feeling good, and looking HOT! As a guest writer to WWITC, she will share her inspired vegan recipes, which she hopes will inspire you on your quest to looking and feeling amazing! You will be thoroughly surprised that eating  healthy can indeed taste blissfully delicious!


 Kristy Morgan-A personal friend and new addition to the WWITC team (Confessions of a Beauty Junkie by Kristy), she’s here to show her love for all things beauty! This blonde hair, blue eyed self-confessed beauty junkie knows all too well about a good product!  Dealing with skin and food allergies most of her life, she’s always on the hunt for great products and edibles that improve one’s life and overall wellness! Growing up on a horse farm in Maryland, she spent her youth getting her hands dirty (literally) but that doesn’t mean she isn’t well manicured or keeping her skin from looking flawless. Her obsession over “grooming” has got her in trouble a few times or two but needless to say her horse always had the most striking mane and her shower always full with top notch shampoos, conditioners and masks. Gaining the likes of her mother-the original product junkie, she’s always on the hunt to find the next best skin cream, hair oil (yeah for Shu Uemura) or that discontinued product you can’t find anywhere (where is that purple Estee Lauder tube lipgloss?) Maintaining a busy work life, with over 16 years of experience in marketing, branding, PR, SEM/SEO, Tv and Photoshoot Planning Production and serving as the Senior Director of Marketing, she relishes in some down time! When she’s not washing her hair you can find her enjoying the beautiful things in life: the beach, admiring her animals including horses, photography, sunrises, sunsets, sipping wine, fashion, art and design, dinner with friends, cooking and dining on gluten free fare, listening to all types of music (Spotify fuels this!), Ravens football, Mavericks and baseball games, field hockey and lacrosse.


Sara Dawn Wilkins, your connection to all things social, charitable, fashionable and trending. With an eye for style and trending technology, Sara has found her niche connecting people with the things they love most both online and off. With a love of information and social networking, Sara cultivates opportunities for personal & professional growth for all of those around her, and the many charities she actively supports. Sara embraces her passion for event planning and going of course, citing her works for Brent Bolthouse events in Los Angeles, while utilizing her many talents in her home town of Dallas. As a member and advocate of several charitable organizations and a background in hospitality technology, she ardently travels and is always in-the-know about the hottest destinations, shopping venues and hotels around! As a guest writer to WWITC, Sara hopes to use her written talents to continue connecting people and showcasing her must haves you can’t live without! So, if you are looking for a new network, a social revamp, genuine friendships, or a new color in your canvas, Sara is your final destination!


Lara Mirgorod is thrilled to join the WWITC Team where she can share her passion for fashion and the latest trends, food, and travel. Lara grew up in New York City and believes she has the best of both worlds with her dad and step mom living in Chile and Miami. She has always had an eye for style, and always knows what is trending. Lara will be graduating from SMU in December and has focused her majors and minors in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast, English, fashion media and marketing. Having visited over 18 countries, Lara feels fortunate that she has experienced many different cultures, and loves to write about her fondest adventures.

When Lara is not too busy, she enjoys traveling, training for triathlons, visiting chic new bars and restaurants, and exploring her newfound love of cooking. With college coming to a close, she is super excited to start a new chapter in her life in Dallas!