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CardNinja is a slim, flexible wallet that attaches using 3M adhesive to the back of a phone or case.

-Attaches easily and holds cards securely.

-3M adhesive grips firmly yet removes cleanly from phone or case.

-Stretches to hold up to 8 cards to replace your wallet.

-Works on any smartphone or case.


My Green Fills

 MyGreenFills challenges the norm in virtually  every aspect because we are not satisfied with the waste conventional packaging creates the “normal” toxic chemicals in our homes, some of which are deemed “green”.

Click Here to find out how it works!

To receive a FREE Laundry Soap Jug (+Shipping & Handling), go to www.Free.MyGreenFills.com.

Hip Appeal

Hip Appeal

 Secure your assets with Hip Appeal! It’s the perfect accessory to secure your valuables i.e. cash, credit cards, cell phones, ID, keys, Ipods and more!


It’s the fashionable fanny pack!

Tramps Hoisery


In need of a nip and tuck for Fall? Checkout Tramps Hoisery!

This fashionable compression hoisery provides the perfect compression for better circulation. The clean designs, creative patterns, and signature open-toed style are an essential to every wardrobe.

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