Serendipitous Night and Day

Stay serendipitous day and night with Serendipity cosmetics!

Good fortune not only happens by chance, but also by sheer luck when it comes to your skin and skincare regime. Serendipity Skin Care products leave nothing to chance with their very own skincare line with a finishing outcome-leaving your skin healthy, glowing, refreshed, restored and you comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Serendipity strives in giving you beauty with a purpose! Their  simple, yet powerful ingredients including hyaluronic acid and rare botanical stem cells help turn to back the time clock, repairing not only your skin damage but preventing any future skin problems. Providing effective and natural ingredients in every product they sell, giving you the maximum benefit and price point. Giving back is also part of their company as they donate a portion of all proceeds to help animals in need.

Serendipity’s Powerful Lineup:

I recently tested the waters with these two wonderful products!

Serenade Repairing Night Cream – Fight back with this anti-aging night cream leaving your skin the next morning thus refreshed and restored! This repairing cream contains extract from the cotton thistle plant and oil from the fruit of the palm tree. Not only does it give your skin the look and feel you have always wanted, it also smells quite lovely too!

Architect Redefining Face Serum –
This amazing face serum helps to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking more fresh and youthful! Containing stems cells from the rare Swiss Alps plant, make it a part of your beauty routine daily pairing it with your moisturizer for both day and night!

A few other products from their line to check out:

Perfection Hyaluronic Face Cream –This face cream aids in restoring that crucial moisture your skin needs and as well as encouraging the growth of new collagen fibers. Will leave your skin feeling vibrant and giving you that oh so youthful glow! Yes please!

Sparkle Eye Serum – Always a problem area for me! Specifically created for the delicate skin around your eyes. This sparkled serum helps to boost collagen production, increase elasticity, firm your skin and of course fight wrinkles. What’s not to love???

Gaze Eye Cream – Helps in fighting those oh so dark circles and eye puffiness giving your peepers a youthful, rested appearance. Much needed after a long day and week!

Can’t wait to get the entire line and continue using!

Where Wear will we be next…..



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