A Beauty Need: Nerium

Growing up our mother (as well as our dermatologist ) emphasized the importance of a strong beauty and skincare routine. The results-maintaining our youth (yes please ), compliments of a nice complexion and of course minimizing those fine lines and wrinkles as we age. We love experimenting with the latest products out there and were excited to test a few from Nerium, the Addison based company housed near Dallas.


What woman isn’t ready for beautiful results including-reduction of wrinkles, improved skin texture, decrease discoloration and firm those problem areas? We were anxious to try since Nerium International , is all about real science and real results.Their product mission: Love your skin. Reflect your youth.  Their innovative age-defying products will have you loving your skin at any age.


We recently tested the waters with their latest and most innovative line: Age Defying Night Cream, Nerium AD Formula and the Age Defying Day Cream, Nerium AD Formula, which address both the signs and cause of aging. These innovative products truly demonstrate just exactly how a powerful antioxidant can target skin damage and boost the cells in your skin to renew, restore and reveal younger looking skin. Just look at the results of some of their clients!


The Firming Body Contour Cream, Nerium AD Formula helps to smooth and tighten skin for a more toned appearance, works to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin, moisturizes and smooths, tightens, firms and tones problem areas. We loved the results especially when it was time to throw on a suit or a cute pair of shorts! You can just see how these amazing products can really transform the look and feel not only your face but in other problem areas less comfortable in revealing!

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A youthful glow!

A youthful glow!

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21 Responses to A Beauty Need: Nerium

  1. Nerium is the best product at any price. What are you waiting for? Try it today!

  2. Michele says:

    I loved my Nerium products so much I joined the company! Have more questions? Contact me michelemeadows.nerium.com

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve never found a better a product that gives results likes Nerium! http://www.katiekitral.nerium.com

  4. RoxMarie says:

    My mom’s cousin has Amazing after 6 months Nerium A D Night Cream.

  5. Angelday says:

    I’m giving away a free bottle of Nerium Firm. Drawing to be held live on Periscope Oct 15, 12pm EST. Log into the website and fill in your info.

  6. Sandra says:

    The best product currently on the market. Hands down!! I put it on small cuts also. It helps me heals better than when I don’t use it since I tend to scar very easily. For more info.


  7. Sandra says:

    This is the best product currently on the market by far. I also use it when I get a scrap or cut since it helps heal better cause I tend to easily scar. For more information.


  8. Mark Osborne says:

    I love being a Nerium Brand Partner as it not only has boosted my youth in looks but in mind as well with EHT! Thank you Nerium for allowing me to go part time with my day job!

    Twitter: @maoinc
    InstaGram: @markyinc

  9. Gregory says:

    nerium is an awesome product. It actually does what it promises to do. I have been n the beauty industry for 43 years. If I trust a product I will promote it. This product I believe in and trust. If you wish, you may order from my website. GregoryR.Nerium.ca

  10. Cindy says:

    The best anti aging skin care I have ever used. I look ten years younger.

  11. Aunt Dar says:

    1 product at night, 1 product in the morning. So much easier than multi-step processes. Discover your youth with Nerium at auntdars.nerium.com

  12. As a full-time Registered Nurse and mother, I did not have time to even consider “my own business.” UNTIL NERIUM!
    I reluctantly tried the Age-Defying Night Cream, achieved amazing results, and the rest is history!
    If you think there is no time to “change your life,” then you have not been introduced to the Nerium Opportunity!

  13. Joy Canode says:

    You will never find another anti-aging product like Nerium order yours today at joycanode.nerium.com and you can also find out about the magnificent opportunity that is available to you as well.

  14. Joy Canode says:

    what are you all waiting for you will never find another product like this. Go to my website for more information.

  15. Andrea Dees says:

    Real Results. Real People. Real Science. Nerium AD will give you back your confidence inside and out. Also, I will help you make your dreams happen. We are sitting in seats that have never been sat in before and this is just the beginning. Give yourself and those you love, the luxury life. It’s simple and I am here to accomplish anything your heart desires and deserves. Real Opportunity. Real Science. ??❤️???

  16. Kyle says:

    Words are not enough to describe the effect these products have had on my skin, but also my self esteem! After raising 5 kids on my own, time to tend to myself was very limited and my skin suffered greatly. The neglect made me look a lot older than I liked & I found myself hiding out a lot. Now, after a few years of using Nerium’s products, 10 years have been erased from my face and body. Using Nerium products made ALL the difference…

  17. Louise says:

    I joined Nerium International as a Brand Partner in my retirement. I had been impressed by the Anti-Aging Night Cream, and when they came out with EHT, the age-defying mind-enhancement supplement, I could no longer say no. All of the Nerium products are science-based and tested, and are absolutely amazing for the measurable results they produce. Please visit my website for more information or to order product. I will be happy to answer any questions.

  18. Joe Lybrook says:

    Nerium isn’t just a “girl thing” Our company is made up of over 50% men! Men love their skin too, look younger with this one step product! http://www.jlybrook.nerium.com

  19. Bronijc says:

    I am a guy and I am super stoked to find one product that has real results as Nerium does. Its easy -one product at night and one product in the morning and I am on my way!! I highly recommend this product! #TheNeriumMan

  20. Rebecca says:

    I love my Nerium! I intended to only be a preferred customer at first, but when you find something as awesome as THIS product, you wanna share! This product was discovered looking for a cure for skin cancer….the give back 30% to Cancer Research and are a supporter of Big Bothers/Sisters. Drop me a line….www.rebecca767.theneriumlook.com

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