30 Day Challenge

Where Wear in the City gave you a sneak peek into the new health and weight loss solution made easy! Biosanes is taking the summer by storm and giving you a losing-it advantage with making weight loss and health eating easy!

I signed up for the 30-Day Challenge which began on Monday, May 21st and am going strong with the following regiment:


  • For two of my meals I substitute a Lose-It Vanilla Shake or a Magic Cookie (packed with vitamins and protein)
  • 30 minutes before each meal I take a Natural Magic Capsule (eliminates fat, zero calories, suppresses hunger and boosts immunity, removes toxins, supports health glucose and cholesterol and aids in digestion)
  • I put a teaspoon of Natural Magic Pure powder (it’s tasteless) on my food (same as above)
  • Eat well-balanced meals
  • Workout at least an hour a day (walk my dogs, run or elliptical/weights at gym)


Biosanes Magic Cookie Lover DWTS William Levy


To learn more, checkout the Biosanes video here.

Where Wear will I be next….

Focusing on my 30 day challenge,


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