Getting Down to the Root of It: Roots Juices

  It’s fresh. It’s pressed. It’s goodness. Roots Juices is here to get your juices flowing- morning, noon, and night!

The Juice Story: Brent Rodgers, former Wall Street stockbroker, avid world traveler and local Equinox buff began his “juice journey” after traveling the world on a year-long sabbatical. From his stints in Peru, South America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, he found his niche! Juicing that is, standing at the Israel-Syria border he witnessed a line (so he thought was to cross the border) of people waiting for fresh celery and carrots, from there a product was born! Who knew that very moment would lead to his latest endeavor-realizing juicing was not just a trend, but a way of life. We oblige!

Juice up with a few of our favorites: Glow, Watermelon Cooler, Almond Milk, and the Go Green! Cocktail anyone? Try their Cocktail Party Mixer Kit for your next summer shindig, or still feeling overserved with refreshments-indulge in their REHAB-Hangover Recovery Kit or Detox and Cleanse Kit. There’s something for everyone! 100% natural and freshly pressed ( shelf life up to 3-5 days), these 16 oz. juices are a delectable combination of local Texas grown fruits and vegetables (estimating between 2-3 lbs. per juice) that help to not only refresh but provide the necessary vitamins, nutrients and daily enzymes your body needs! Who doesn’t love that?

Delivered to your doorstep daily (check select zip codes if placed before 2 p.m.)-with a minimum purchase of $30.00, you can purchase your juice likes individually or as kits. Don’t live in D? Don’t worry Roots ships to anywhere in the US!  Check out their entire juice du jourRoots Juices MenuFor more information call: 469-893-0755.  Follow them:

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Whoever said “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice,” clearly hasn’t tried Roots….

Where Wear will we be next….



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