Sorella+Tomboy KC: Q & A with Co-Founder/Editor Lynsey Eaton

In case you missed it, the recent launch of Sorella+Tomboy KC….

Here to give you a little inside scoop of the collection and the name behind the brand!

Specialty cocktails perfect for the launch!

Specialty cocktails perfect for the launch!

Sorella+Tomboy KC:

Q & A with Co-Founder/Editor: LYNSEY EATON

Katie and Lynsey of Tomboy KC

Katie and Lynsey of Tomboy KC

WWITC: Tell our readers more about Tomboy KC and how you all got started?

Lynsey: Tomboy KC is a fashion and lifestyle blog my friend Katie Cassidy and I started back in 2013. I was moving to Dallas and she was moving to Vancouver to start filming her TV show (CW’s Arrow) and we wanted to start something that we could work on together, even long distance. And Tomboy KC was born. We built Tomboy KC on the idea that true style is about confidence and being true to yourself.

WWITC: Tell us about your collaboration with Sorella and what’s included.

Lynsey: When approached us about creating an optical line, we jumped at the idea. We are both huge fans of eyewear and wear glasses for correctional and sartorial purposes, so it felt like the perfect fit.

The Sorella + Tomboy KC collection is made up of fourteen frames inspired by and named after inspirational women in our lives. Thanks to the killer team at, the collection turned into a celebration of confident women we envisioned, with colors and shapes as varied and exciting as the ladies they were named for.

WWITC: Where did your creativity come from when creating this collection?

Lynsey: Sorella, which in Italian means sister, is exactly what the collection is all about – strong identity  and relationships, style and comfort. Glasses reflect who we are. It’s a powerful accessory and we wanted to reflect that in this collection. We want women to feel good about showing the world who they are. Each frame in the Sorella collection is named after someone special to Katie and I.

Try one on for size!

Try one on for size!

WWITC: With this collaboration, how does it differ then other eyeglass lines out there?

Lynsey: The Sorella + TOMBOY KC collection features a stylish mix of colors and styles that fit various face shapes. The quality and craftsmanship ensures that your Sorella frames will last a long time. And the bonus is the on trend collection is affordable so customers can pick more than one frame to mix up their style. Each frame is only $99.

WWITC: How did your own personal style play into designing this collection?

Lynsey: We love the idea of classic pieces with a little edge. We like to think that every pair of glasses in the collection has something unique and different about it – be it the color, the shape or little hidden details you only notice if you look at the frame from all sides.

We both have a pair of frames that are specifically named after us – the “Eaton” and “Cassidy”.  A pair that we consider to be definition of our personal style wrapped up into two frames.

Glasses galore at the Joule launch party

Glasses galore at the Joule launch party

WWITC: What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?

Lynsey: The Garrison (the boyfriend frame) was a favorite from the beginning. It is so versatile and can be worn to work and on the weekends. In fact, I am wearing it right now!

As of late, I have also been gravitating more toward the Lorraine in the tortoise and the Paige in black. Both look really great dressed up for nighttime.

Lynsey with party goers!

Lynsey with party goers!

WWITC: How important is social media to your company?

Lynsey: Social media is amazing. Tomboy KC is all about connecting with people, so social media is at the core of all that we do.

We have always been big into Facebook and Instagram, but just recently we have fallen in love with Periscope. The fact that we can communicate with our readers live via a streaming video is mind boggling, but so cool.

Four eyed and ready to party!

Four eyed and ready to party!

WWITC: What’s one thing we should take away from viewing the collection? 

Lynsey: That glasses are no longer just for those with a prescription. It’s a must have style accessory.

WWITC: What’s next for Tomboy KC?

Lynsey: We have a few new projects we are working on for fall that we can’t really talk about just yet, so stay tuned! Besides that, we are spending our time focusing on expanding our TKC Profile series. It has been such a significant part of our content from the beginning, and we love introducing readers to other inspirational individuals who embrace the Tomboy KC attitude.

Where Wear will we be next….

Four eyed,


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