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Despite the big blonde hair and high heels, I am the laziest when it comes to all the girly product regiments. Therefore, quality and ease is of the upmost importance to me.
A few weeks ago, I attended a lovely breakfast hosted by Kopari at the Joule Hotel.
They created a lovely tropical oasis for brunch, filled with delicious foods that even Mary-Kate would eat.

Breakfast By The Joule Hotel

I very much enjoyed talking to one of the founders’ of Kopari, Kiana Cabell, is an adorable blonde who skin looks perfect and not in the “she know’s how to contour” way. She obviously takes fantastic care of her skin…and honestly after using some of the products I can tell a difference! She takes pride in her brand and is very much a proponent in her company. Each woman was excited about the brand and care about the label.  It’s clear that they have created a company that has a team and product of high caliber.
Now on to the part everyone actually cares about…review of the products.

Coconut Body Glow

Coconut Body Glow: This was the thing I was most excited about as I was leaving for vacation the day after this brunch. I like the idea but honestly, maybe I’m not as glittery of a girl as I thought, it wasn’t my favorite. However, if you’re more of a unicorn/mermaid type this product is up your alley.

Coconut Body Oil

Coconut Body Oil: This is my favorite product by far and now an essential in my bathroom. I am terrible at remembering all the body products to put on after showering and just don’t have time to do a full regiment. I mean if I had one of those “Kim Kardashian Jobs”, where someone just pays me to live, I’d take all the time in the world to use hundreds of products; but I don’t. So, quick easy and does the job is what I look for. The coconut spray meets that criteria. This is by far my favorite product from the line! It moisturizers my skin without much effort on my part!

Coconut Body Milk

Coconut Body Milk: I adore this moisturizer! It’s light yet creamy. This is the perfect moisturizer. It is rich without making you feel sticky, especially in summer. My only comment is the scent is definitely flowery and feminine…not my favorite but it doesn’t linger too long or inhibit my perfume.

Coconut Crush Scrub

Coconut Crush Scrub– First and foremost, do NOT use in boyfriend’s shower. It comes out brown and leaves a bit of residue in the shower, if you don’t double check your marble. My BF asked me if I had gone muddling or if our dog had an accident in the shower 😂. Minus that the scrub is great. It leaves an oily softness on your skin so if you don’t like the moisturizing feel this product isn’t for you. Personally, I like the scrub quite a bit! I like the fact that I don’t have to moisturize after scrubbing!
If you are a coconut lover or want to get on the coconut wave I definitely recommend this product line.
Highly recommend you start with the spray!
Kopari is definitely a line created by beautiful women with beautiful women in mind.
Where Wear will we be next….
Kopari-ing into Fall,

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