New Bishop Resto: Boulevardier

C’est magnifique! Dallas (including us) is having a French love affair with the latest Bishop Arts opening of the neighborhood bistro, Boulevardier. Influenced by a melange of French and Texas cuisine,  this casual hotspot transcends a very enthusiastic, yet intimate vibe, reminding me of my LA days at a wonderful wine bar/resto called AOC!


Thirsty anyone?  They definitely don’t disappoint offering a wide variety of signature wines, cocktails and brew:

Bottles and bottles of wine oh my!

Name your passion!

Enjoying a delicious pinot noir ( the Hook and Ladder Russian River Valley 09) was the easy part, deciding what to order was the difficult task, so many delicious choices! Luckily, a little help from one of the owners-Brooks Anderson (also co-owner of  Veritas Wine Room, another local favorite) was on hand! We started the meal off right ordering the Charcuterie which included:

Delicious Charcuterie

A few other small specialties:

Soupe and Salades, Petit Plats

For our main dishes we found the Chicken Boulevardier and Gnocchi a La Parisienne to be excellent choices!

Chicken Boulevardier


Gnocchi a La Parisienne

A little French+ a little Southern as the Chicken Boulevardier was grilled just right, complimented by the fresh asaparagus and the gnocchi was a fine mix of mushrooms, radishes, peas, and parmesan with a refreshing lemon zest flavor, reminded me of  a fancy mac-n-cheese as a kid (yum!)

Dessert anyone?  Although we were stuffed, we managed to do an espresso and dessert, sharing a delicious beignet dish (very light with good texture) topped with ice cream and fresh peaches…so good I had to force myself to put the spoon down!

Luv some beignets!!

What we loved most-the usage of fresh produce and fruit, making the food that much more savory! Merci!

Food you can eat. Cocktails you can drink. Wine you can afford!

Where Wear will we be next….

Boulavard “ier” ing,


All photos courtesy of Allison Edwards.

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