Piermarini Moves To Snider Plaza

Piermarini is back with a new location in Snider Plaza, new styles and new fall fashions! John Piermarini has scoured the nation looking for key pieces that only Piermarini carries!

Checkout our recent Piermarini basics that are perfect for the fall season….

Kymerah Black Tank with Leather Straps

LNA Gray Cotton Tee

LNA Black Cotton Skirt

LNA White Cotton V-Neck Tee

Hunter Dixon Skirt


Click Here for a store tour with John Piermarini.

About Piermarini Boutique
Piermarini Boutique, opened in November 2012 by fashion entrepeneur, John Piermarini, is a specialty boutique that embraces the ‘old-time boutique’ concept. Spotlighting fresh talent in the industry to bring together an eclectic group of designers, Piermarini’s main goal is for the customers to feel like the best version of themselves.  Piermarini says, “We aren’t your traditional store; we love it when our customers mix our pieces with pieces from their own closets. We know our Texas roots and that’s why we make it a point to keep Dallas designers flowing through our boutique. We take pride in our customer service whether inside our store or online, don’t ever hesitate to contact us directly or come visit!”

Where Wear will we be next….

Piermarin-ing into fall,


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