Greeking it Out! Greek Food Festival of Dallas

Eat. Shop.Play-was the theme set forth this past weekend with Dallas’ 55th Annual Greek Food Festival.  Held at the prestigous Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, celebrated every aspect of the Greek Culture.

Defining its traditional Greek cuisine with  festival feast of chicken oreganto, kefthetes (Greek meatballs), feta and olives, rice pilaf, spanakoptia ( a favorite), tiropita, traditional Greek salad, pita bread and flavorful hummus. A la carte options included: gyros, dolmas, souvlaki (like a shish kabob), spanakopita (spinach pie), Greek coffee (frappes), loukoumathes (honey balls), and baklava ice cream.

Opa! Hour was kicked off with some Greek wine hot/or on ice with a splash of Sprite, beer and the welcoming of FC Dallas Soccer Star-George John! A fellow Greek himself was greeted by fans with picture taking and a few high-fives from his young soccer fans!

The shoppers of the group were whisked away to the Agora-offering aisles of  creations including:  hand crafted jewelry in gold and silver, worry beads, sailors’ caps, fashionable accessories, art, cookbooks, religious icons, and t-shirts. Homemade pastries awaited in the pastries section to pleasure festival goers palates with baklava, kourambiethes (butter cookies), fenekia (honey dipped cooked with walnuts), koulouria, sesame cookies, and paximathia.

Live at Plaka- ethnic music entertained the crowd with “To Kefi” Greek Band leading early in the day and capping the nights off with American Idol alum and Broadway star Constantine Maroulis. The Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers ranging from young to adult also participated in entertaining the crowd with their favorable Greek dances from the Greek Islands to the Mainland of Greece.

To Kefi Greek Band

The Pantopolion (Greek Grocery Shop) offered up a taste of Greek for your home enjoyment with fresh and imported olives, cheeses, spices and oils along with dolmathes (meat and rice stuffed grape leaves), tiropita (cheese traingles), (spanakopita (spinach and cheese triangles), pastitsio (macaroni and meat casserole), and mousska (eggplant and meat casserole).

Where Wear will we be next….

Απολαμβάνοντας τον ελληνικό πολιτισμό,
(Enjoying the Greek Culture)


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