Love Letters to Barney’s

Bethany Siggins, owner of Bethany Siggins Image Consulting LLC and Gary Walden, Professional Hair Stylist (and mine of course!) stop by to give you the inside scoop of Barney’s New York!

Gary’s Love Letter To Barneys New York:

Autumn has arrived!  Or has it?  It can be difficult to tell with Dallas weather.  The only indicators being newspaper articles about Big Tex, or of course the arrival of the fall fashion magazines in biblical proportions.

This year, I went out into the retailers in search of fall fashion inspiration.  With the party season approaching, fashionistas are already making their selections that will define their personal style aesthetic.  As I browsed through, I saw many pretty, yet not unexpected pieces.  Bright pants…check.  Cardigans…check.  Prints…check.  Heeled boots…check.  Okay, so where is the new stuff?

When I walked into Barneys, I let out an ‘aaaaaaahhhhh.’  Here it is.  Bordeaux.  Floral prints with unexpected shapes.  Architectural pieces that scream individuality.  All new, all more than current, and all for the fashion risk-taker.

Personally, I’m not exactly known as being adventurous when it comes to the way I dress, and I don’t have the budgetary requirements to fill my closet with high-end designer pieces.  This is another reason I love Barneys.  The salespeople are always willing to help me put things together, even if it means I’m only purchasing two or three items at a time.  I was attending an event last fall and I was wearing a vintage jacket with pants from Banana Republic.  The menswear salesperson found a beautiful Paul Smith shirt and pocket square that made my otherwise snooze fest outfit a standout.

Here in Dallas, with all of our wonderful apparel shopping options and a fashion-conscious culture, it can be a challenge to stand out in a crowd.  This is why many choose not to attempt it and go for the typical standbys.  If you are having a Sarah Jessica Parker moment, however, and you’re ready to take the city this fall, head over to Barney’s.  Even if you limit your purchases to reduce sticker-shock, the visuals can provide you with what you need to put together some truly ‘wow!’ moments.

Bethany’s Love Letter to Barney’s – Discovering Your Personal Style via Runway Fashion

It is difficult to determine one’s unique personal style without a little knowledge of the fashion industry and the work of its various designers.  If you are struggling to determine your signature style, perhaps a little bit of fashion education will provide the inspiration you need.  This is where Barney’s New York can help.  Barney’s does many things correctly, from offering unique home goods to hard-to-find fragrances and cosmetics to delightful children’s wear.  However, what I think Barney’s does best is, in short, fashion!  Celine, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Marni, and Givenchy (to name a few) converge under one roof, a fashion feast for the eyes.  While few of us can actually afford these lovely creations, this is where fashion begins and ends.  The more affordable fashions offered in the shops where the rest of us purchase our wares are inspired by high-end design.  To discover which designers you are buying off-off-off runway, wander leisurely through Barney’s and you’ll find it.  Besides the fashion, I love the people who work at Barney’s New York.  They are warm, hospitable and genuine, not what you may expect or perhaps not what you have experienced at other high-end establishments.

Walk in, take a deep breath and enjoy the experience!  Barney’s, you offer the best fashion has to offer, and that’s why I love you.

About Bethany:

Bethany Siggins is a certified image consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She founded Bethany Siggins Image Consulting LLC, based in Dallas, TX, in 2007 after a 15-year corporate finance career.  Bethany is passionate about helping her clients discover their personal style, and showing them how to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

About Gary:

24 years as a hairstylist and former model have given Gary Walden a unique experience in the beauty and fashion industries.  Operating with the acknowledgement that beauty is accessible to everyone, Gary’s keen eye is often sourced by clients and friends for advice in creating their unique individual expression.

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