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Interview WITH BRIELLE GALEKOVIC of The Gilded Bellini


Tell us how you got your start as a blogger and about The Gilded Bellini.

I moved to California from NYC in September. Blogging is something I have wanted to do for years, but timing just never seemed to be in my favor in regards to actually getting the wheels in motion. As I am sure you know, it takes months on end to develop the site, figure out what you’re going to be covering, and so much more. Every detail matters! Since it was a fresh start, things just fell into place with creating my site. The Gilded Bellini covers brunch reviews in Southern California both through written posts and through video. It also has a brunch attire section, a cocktail spotlight section (which accepts contributors from anywhere on the map!), as well as a section geared towards more lifestyle-related posts.

As bloggers, you know that the blogging market is packed! When you first started blogging, how did you determine the direction of your blog and identify your core audience?

I knew I wanted to focus on brunch and cocktails, but since launching in March of this year, I’ve also added a lifestyle section to the mix. Prior to moving, I worked in public relations in New York City. My colleagues and I discovered that there were very few bloggers who covered brunch and cocktails, and most of those bloggers’ sites were outdated. I knew I initially wanted my blog to be relatable to women in their twenties and thirties who live in cities and appreciate the fun, brunching lifestyle as much as I do. Although it’s only a small group, I do have some male followers! I am ecstatic. I want my blog to be as relatable as possible, and just want to create good content that is interesting no matter who you are or where you come from. I want to break the reputation that brunch has for being “girly.” Brunch is a lifestyle, and anyone can enjoy it.

What do you want others to take away from reading your blog?

I want people to be able to take their minds off of whatever they’re doing even if it’s only 2 minutes and look at my site and discover something interesting, or laugh, or smile. My site is lighthearted and fun. We live in a world where we are surrounded by so much stress and anxiety, and I will be the first one to admit that I suffer from both. It’s easy for either of those to consume your mood for the day. If one person reads my post on using champagne as a facial toner and actually tries it, I would be so happy. If another person looks at a brunch review, even though they’re across the country and they watch a video of mine and says, ‘wow, that looks like an awesome place, even though it’s in LA.’ It makes my day. If one person takes the time to submit a cocktail to my site for the Cocktail Spotlight section, I’m so thankful. I want to make this site as interactive as possible. Upon launching this blog, I wanted to be the go-to for all things brunch, especially since I am one of the very few brunch bloggers that include video in their posts (if any) for a more detailed preview of a restaurant. I still want that, and I get messages from people very often asking for my suggestions which I am super flattered about. But being able to give someone something to read and look forward to means a lot more.

Tell us where you get your inspiration for your posts about brunching, favorite cocktails and your fashion sense.

I’ve always loved to try out different brunch places known for being hotspots. I love being in the know of the places where you just need to be seen at. I guess that’s the PR girl in me. But, I am always very intrigued about fplaces that have an awesome story behind them.

My favorite cocktails are mostly ones that either have tequila or champagne in them. I’m a sucker for concoction on a menu that has a really cool name and different types of liquors that I’m not so familiar with. I like the mystery and I’m always down to try something new!

My fashion sense… I am honestly not sure how to even describe it! I do know that my go-to’s are my leather jacket, a cute crop top, and high-waisted jeans. I love a great romper too – they’re just so easy! Mixing simple pieces with dressier ones is usually what I do for every outfit of mine. I kind of dress on both sides of the spectrum. When I’m not brunching, I am always in total athleisure mode. But if I am going anywhere, I pull everything together with a great pair of heels.

What are your favorite Los Angeles brunch spots? 

I love Toca Madera and Bagatelle for dressier, livelier brunches with a DJ. Café Gratitude and The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice are my favorite for when I’m craving a super healthy meal. Both places are still super trendy… when you’re in LA, vegan spots are favorites among just about everyone!

Favorite cocktail of the moment?

I fell in love with the Mexican 69 at my last visit to Toca Madera. It’s Avion silver, pomegranate, la pinta, prosecco and lime. Another one there that is amazing is “But First, Coffee.” It’s vanilla infused el jimador, stumptown cold brew, café lollita and cinnamon.

Your go to fashion brands and websites?

The brands I love are BCBG, Blank NYC, Zara and Marc by Marc Jacobs. The ones I love from afar are Balmain and Missoni. (Someday!) For inspiration, I absolutely adore Arielle Charnas of’s style. Other style’s I’m obsessed with are Karrueche Tran’s and Gigi Hadid’s. Anything I come across that is their style and I could pull off, I will totally get!

We love both the West Coast and the East Coast! Tell us your top three things about LA and about NYC. Who does it better?

LA – 1. You can wear jeans anytime and anywhere. Dress them up, dress them down. It’s totally acceptable! You don’t have to feel so much pressure to go all out all the time. 2. The traffic is I N S A N E. 3. It’s always sunny and there’s not one day that you’re on the street and aren’t stunned by how perfect it is.

NYC – 1. Everything is open later. Most places are open 24/7. I miss that so much! 2. The traffic is I N S A N E. 3. In NYC, you can make anything a photo-op. Every corner, whether it’s a closed pull-down metal garage or a street art masterpiece or at the corner of 12thstreet and 3rd avenue, it can be made into a gorgeous photo. It’s every blogger’s dream.

I love LA. I love NYC. I may be biased because I am a born East Coaster. I love the city lifestyle. LA is just more of a suburban city, rather than a city-city. So for now, I don’t have an opinion! I’m still a newbie on the West Coast and I am happily adjusting. I’ll let you know how I feel a year from now! 😉

Any upcoming and exciting future comings on The Gilded Bellini you can share with us?

There are a couple projects in the works with some other bloggers I am collaborating with. Each day something new happens! There are some events I will be covering as well in the next few months that I am really excited about! For the updates, you’ll have to just follow along to see what comes up! Xo

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