Clotheshorse Anonymous: Summer Looks Day 6

It’s Saturday and we are wrapping up with the last of our  Summer Looks: Day 6 by Clotheshorse Anonymous!

We’d say it calls for a celebration!

How about these perfect weekend pairings?

IMG_1431 IMG_1429IMG_1433

3TVEC Fringe Top

Cynthia Steffe Black Pants

Alexander McQueen Sandals

IMG_1437IMG_1439 IMG_1438

Haute Hippe Patterned Willow Hem Dress

Love Necklace (#LoveWins)

Michael Kors Wedges

Visit the store for all looks at:

11661 Preston Rd.

Dallas, Texas 75230


Come see us again today from 12-6 PM!

Clotheshorse Anonymous Version 1-Both Dates

All photos by Where Wear in the City.

Where Wear will we be next….

Shopping Clotheshorse Anonymous,


P.S. Checkout our Summer Looks: 123, 4 and 5


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