Beach Time

Summer is in full effect and we’re ready for some beach time!

But first….the essentials!

Ok, yes I know what you’re thinking living in San Francisco, it doesn’t get warm here often, but we were lucky enough to score a beautiful weekday afternoon to catch some rays, enjoy the sunshine and relish in a few of our new summer accessories!


Sunglasses are a must! Dynamikos delivers nothing short of California cool! These handcrafted sunglasses made in Japan are the perfect summer accessory for a beach day or just cruising around the city! Each portion of their net profit goes to world-renowned charities that “Change The World One Vision at a Time.” Check out their latest collection-the Cleopatra Collection!

Alexis wearing the Dynamikos in Revelry Coral

Meredith wearing the Dynamikos in Cleopatra Ebony 

Dona Bela Shreds

Just shred it! Dona Bela Shreds is offering up nothing short of creativity! This Iowa based company is taking unused fabrics to create beautiful neck, wrist and headwear accessories for all ages! Each piece is unique and one of kind, showcasing colorful shades and a versatility of design aesthetic!  Pair it with a tee, dress it up, or accessorize at the beach while you sun in style! 

Alexis wearing the Dona Bela SHREDS Ivy Shred

Meredith wearing the Dona Bela SHREDS ClassicLT

Alexis wearing the Dona Bela SHREDS Simply Lite

Clarins is bringing its summer collection to the next level! Adding style and color to your beauty regime, enjoy a bold and vibrant, tropical, sun kissed complexion, with pink lips and beautifully enhanced eyes!

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

SOS Primer

Bronzing Compact

4 Colour All-In-One Pen

Get your mouth ready for summer with Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers-because who doesn’t need a little refreshment and cleanliness after being at the beach! Keep those pearly whites glowing with Mouthwatchers, revolutionary Antimicrobial Toothbrush! Its dual action flossing bristles, are ultra thin at the tip to properly reach and brush away food and plaque in all those hard to reach places! Keep those germs away, given its embedded silver technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up for up to 6 hours after brushing!

Pour Moi Response di Climat Skincare

Climate ready and ever changing wherever you are! Pour Moi is the first climate-smart skincare line developed to enhance the way you care for your complexion solely based on the current climate that you’re in.

From the hot to cold temperatures and moisture levels to man-made aggressors like AC and pollution, this line leaves nothing short of inclusive! Pour Moi Day Creams, currently come in the following climates: Desert, Tropical, Polar and Temperate formulas. These formulas utilize CEBs (climate energized beautifiers) to help promote and retain moisture no matter your location around the world and raising the bar on skincare efficacy! Each day cream is specifically formulated to keep skin hydrated, healthy in its current habitat, and comes in travel sizes too!

Where ya headed???

Polar Day Cream

Cold and Dry climates; low temperature and humidity

Environment: frost, high wind, man-made heat

Desert Day Cream

Hot and Dry climates; high temperature and low humidity

Environment: strong sunlight, wind, Air-conditioning

Temperate Day Cream

Mild temperatures and climates

Environment: mild sun, clouds and precipitation

Tropical Day Cream

Hot and humid climates; high temperature and humidity

Environment: strong sunlight, humid air, tropical storms and air-conditioning

All photos courtesy of WWITC

Where Wear will we be next……

Summer beach going,


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