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Happy Tuesday! As you know, we love connecting and creating partnerships with new people and of course fellow blogging enthusiasts. We were happy to hear from the ladies of Mimosas and Manhattan, where they chronicle their daily fashion inspirations and city girl lifestyle. This blogging duo-Kelly and Courtney are cousins who growing up played together, dressed up together and now share their life adventures together! Their blog chronicles their personal style stories, hot fashion tips and living their day to day life in the Big Apple. Now meet the girls!

If you could describe each of you in three words what would they be.

Kelly – Passionate, Weird, Outgoing


Courtney – Adventurous, Leader, Compassionate 


Tell our readers more about how Mimosas and Manhattan and how you all got started.

Mimosas and Manhattan started when we moved to New York City to Intern in the fashion industry two summers ago.  What started as a way to update our friends and family on our adventures together in New York, organically turned into a style blog. We have recently gotten more serious about our blooming blog and are excited about the hard work and changes we have put into the site. Growing up, we have always bonded over our love for fashion, showing our personalities through what we wear and shopping!

What makes living in NYC so unique?

NYC has a strange, intrinsic ability to inspire you.  Everyone here is working for something – to get better, to be someone – it is infectious.  People’s unique styles and trends are in front of your face at all times, so it is easy to be inspired by certain looks.  People aren’t afraid to wear what they want so we feel more comfortable playing with our own styles and trends.  Courtney especially, has grown up in a small Indiana town where even wearing a jumpsuit or gladiator sandal would attract some strange looks, so having the ability to be yourself and not get judged for it is an amazing thing. 

What are some of your favorite summer travel spots?

Our family always spent our Summers in Santa Monica, California.  Our mothers grew up there together so it was always the meeting point for our family.  This, I would say, is where Courtney and I grew up together playing dress up and going shopping on the Santa Monica promenade with the money we saved up throughout the year.  After our grandfather died, our families didn’t go there as often.  This summer however, we went back and it was an absolutely amazing trip.  Of course, we hit up our favorite shopping destinations in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach and the Pacific Palisades. 


Favorites spots in NYC?

We love going out at Pianos and exploring the NYC rooftops at night such as 230 Fifth – no better view in the city. During the days, along with many other Manhattan 20-something’s, we love sipping on sangria and Corona’s at the Frying Pan, Randolph Brooklyn (amazing bottomless brunch) or Sheeps Meadow in Central Park. 

What inspires each of you?

Kelly – Color inspires me. I love bright, bold, vibrant colors and always incorporate them into my look. I do not shy away from standing out amongst the sea of black in New York because that is not who I am.  Fellow bloggers also inspire me.  I love getting fashion inspiration from Color Me Courtney, So in The Know and Heart of Gold Blog.

Courtney – I am greatly inspired by atmosphere or where I am living at the time. I recently graduated from Indiana University where I spent 4 years living in the adorable college town of Bloomington. I found myself not necessarily “dressing down” but dressing more cute and boho than NYC edgy. Walking through the narrow streets of Btown and passing the cute coffee shops, the atmosphere almost inspires a sense of ease in yourself and how you would feel/dress. Which was almost always happy and carefree!  


How important is social media to your blog?

Social Media is extremely important. Instagram is probably the best way to connect with fellow bloggers and engage with your followers. It is also a way to express your creativity and promote individual images. We also use platforms such as Bloglovin’ which is an amazing way to find, follow and connect with bloggers. We firmly believe that if you do not have a strong social media presence it would be extremely hard for your blog to take off.  We particularly love using it to talk to and meet our amazing and supportive following!

What’s one thing we should take away from your blog?

We don’t take ourselves, or our fashion too seriously. Fashion has always been a way to let off a little steam when real life gets a little difficult. It’s a way we play together and have stayed connected for the past 20 years. It’s also a way for us to show that even though we have completely different body types, we can both have our own unique and fun style. It is an added bonus now to have a bit of a following but we are so lucky to just get the opportunity to share our love with many others!

What’s next for M&M?

Our blog has really begun to take off this year.  We are excited about the potential of our platform because we believe in it. We believe in living a happy and healthy lifestyle and love the impact we have had so far on others. One follower of ours once said to me, “it may seem small what you are doing, but your posts and images really do make me happy everyday.”  Always knowing no matter how small you think you are, you could be making a big impact on someone else. 

Have you ever been to Dallas? If so, how does NY fashion/lifestyle compare to Dallas.
We have never been to Dallas but we are planning a trip this year to make it down there! We are excited to check out the different fashions! 

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All photos courtesy of Mimosas and Manhattan.

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