Celebrating My Birthday….NOLA Style

Whoop Whoop another year older! I always am shocked by how much can happen in one year. My twenties have been nothing short of a full on adventure, which as a guest blogger, I’ll fill in all the stories as time goes on. But readers digest version is tons of dating mistakes, crazy stupid love, gained and lost friendships, loss, career changes and all the in between. This last year however, has been the best by far. I finished my degree and in the mix of insane classwork, I met my dream man. That alone is a fantastically romantic story, but this post is just about my birthday weekend.

A couple weeks ago, I turned twenty-eight. Before, my boyfriend kept going back and forth between throwing me a party or trying to get a trip together. Finally and wisely, he asked me what I wanted. I said let’s do a quick weekend get-a-way! So we decided to go to New Orleans.
Now, me being the control freak that I am, I start planning the whole trip. John politely tells me to stop planning and let him handle it. (que huffing and puffing with a little sigh of ‘oh that’s so cute’).
Finally, big day rolls around. John tells me to be ready by 3:00pm.
I have picked out the perfect outfits. From the most amazing Solace London dress to Spanx leather leggings with an Oscar de la Renta white button down. I’m excited for a weekend just the two of us. We are too social for our own good most of the time, constantly throwing dinner parties, game nights, weekends away at the ranch etc. So this was some much needed alone time.

We drive up to the plane, bags are loaded and we are off…not going to lie, I am totally spoiled not having to go through TSA. We land and they unload our luggage into the car! We are off…in John’s mind I have no clue where we are staying, but I had told him one of my favorite hotels was the Ritz, so I had an idea of where we were staying.
We pulled up to the beautiful hotel. They really go over the top for their clients! After getting lost trying to find our room, if anyone has ever stayed on the Club Level, they will totally understand how that can happen. I walk into a room full of flowers, rose petals everywhere, wine and chocolate covered strawberries. I feel like I’m in a fairy tale!
That night we go to dinner at Restaurant August, one of New Orleans top restaurants. It was lovely dining in the wine room #MyVersionOfHeaven. We ordered the Shrimp Etoufee, Gnocchi, and Oysters Rockefeller (as advised by the waiter). They were fantastic. Although I will say for any fellow Dallasites, Matt McCallisters’ gnocchi at FT33 is better. Now the main courses were a total disappointment. John’s steak was too salty to eat and my fish wasn’t cleaned. It was disappointing as this is such a beautiful restaurant.
Afterward, we went out on bourbon. After walking around a bit, popping into Pat O’s etc, we came to the conclusion that we are f*cking old. The idea of mixing alcohol and chugging sugary drinks just doesn’t have the same appeal at 28 that it had at 22.
The next day we went shopping. I bought shoes and a fur because what else would you buy in the middle of August in Louisiana 🙂. Afterwards, we were off to a haunted ghost tour.
Now, ghost stuff is my total guilty pleasure. I am obsessed with Ghost Hunters and anything along those lines…judge away! We do the tour with Lord Chaz. I have done his tour multiple times and I love it every time. Last time I did it I actually fainted. He’s a fantastic story teller and all the stories are so interesting. Highly recommend it should you find yourself in NOLA.
After finishing the ghost tour at the very late hour of 9:30pm, we went back to the room with the good YOUNG intentions of changing and going back out. As I was staring in the closet, debating what to wear, I turn to John, and ask “would you hate it, if we just ordered room service and relaxed in the room?” His response, “This is why I know you are my person.” #OldAgeLove.
So we order room service and put on GHOST HUNTERS! I was in heaven!
The next day we had a lovely brunch in the Club Room at the hotel. Afterwards, we wandered around looking at galleries. John and I are slowly building our art collection and love to see galleries when we travel. (Just in case you needed more evidence that I am an old lady). After going in multiple galleries, we stop in the Martin Lawrence Gallery. We find a set of pieces that we thought would be great but as we go further into the gallery, we find that we really can’t agree. I find myself obsessed with a Chagall and John like’s this piece that looks like the artist was tripping on acid having flashbacks to Woodstock. As we are walking around, we find a beautiful piece by Kerry Hallam. It’s a stunning acrylic painting on a sea chart of the New York Harbor featuring sailboats. It has special meaning to both of us. Next thing I know, we are drinking champagne and signing for delivery of our new piece.
Photos by Jordan Roberts
After deciding we had spent enough money, we packed up and had a car take us to the plane.
So Ciao Ciao 27…I am thrilled for 28! (although, 30, we don’t need to rush),

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