Happy Halloween

Well October has come to an end and with a few trips (LA, San Fran, Dallas, Sante Fe, Oxford, San Diego, Fredricksburg) under our belt, some fashionable fall finds and events,  in addition to celebrating another birthday, let’s go out on a bang this  “ALL HALLOW”S EVENING” with some fashionable creativity……

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe
Courtesy of Vogue

Lacey Masquerade
Courtesy of Vogue

A Fierce Feline! Coco Rocha as Catwoman
Courtesy of Vogue

Courtesy of Vogue

Itsy Bitsy Spider….
Courtesy of Vogue

Hop to it!
Courtesy of Vogue

Little Mermaid
Courtesy of Vogue

from Where Wear in the City!

Praying for the people of New York, their safety and recovery. Please Donate to the American Red Cross today!

Where Wear will we be next….

Trick or treat in’,


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