You know its “meant to be” when you find just the right accessory….

 MEANT TO B  handbags was launched in 2011 in London by Designer Bernice Angelique Oehl. She pursued her passion and studied handbag manufacture and design at the London College of Fashion in 2007. Originally from South Africa, Bernice wanted to create a luxury product from the local exotic ostrich hides found there. After years of developing her talents, MEANT TO B was launched. Offering up the ultimate luxury experience-a bespoke service and a choice of ostrich leather in 400+ colours. Handcrafted by artisans in Southern Africa, MEANT TO B handbags are designed especially for you! As part of the bespoke service, you have the luxury of personally decorating the inside of your bag. Quality, exclusivity, authenticity and timelessness, true luxury…..

A variety of bespoke handbags

Their mission: To provide customers with an exclusive, high quality product that fuses the natural beauty of ostrich hides with modern, yet timeless design. Passionate about creating job opportunities for women in Southern Africa and improving the quality of life of their staff. They strive to work in harmony with the natural environment and continually strive to reduce their impact on the environment.

Loving this one for the fall….

Dominatrix clutch in Brilliant Green ostrich leather

Here’s how it works, happy shopping!

Where Wear will we be next….


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