Looking for your go to gym water bottle or your on the go coffee holder? Look no further then the RevoMax….Kickstarter’s latest product to go viral and into the consumer’s hands!

RevoMax Bottle: A Twist Free Vacuum Insulated Flask

RevoMax‘s mission: To improve people’s quality of life through innovation and eco-friendly products; designed state of the art and the first-of-its-kind twist-free, thread-less, vacuum insulated bottle. Its quick release cap technology opens and closes with one hand and one click- eliminating cumbersome twisting or screwing action for ease of use. Showcasing fun and colorful bottles and available in 12 oz. and 20 oz. running from ($19.99) to ($24.99).


RevoMax flasks are responsibly made with 18 of 8 food-grade stainless steel and a silicon rubber seal, its powder-coated (except for the classic stainless steel) are 100% BPA and Phthalate-free. Yes! Not only environmentally conscious, but their sleek design fits nicely into most cup holders with a comfortable grip, wide mouth opening, and a convenient one-handed operation delivery. Perfect for the optimal drinking experiences whether it be hot, cold, or even carbonated!

To OPEN: Just click the green safety button and the two side release buttons at the same time.

To LOCK: Pull the locking ring until the green safety button fully pops up.

Perfect for the individual all about….health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, hydration, gifting, traveling, beach-going, BBQ-ing, tailgating, a busy on-the-go lifestyle, and outdoor adventuring either warm and cold! What’s not to love?…..Get your own RevoMax!

Where Wear will we be next…..



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