Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thirsty Thursday from Celsius and AQUA Carpatica!


Celsius is a vitamin infused, high performance energy drink powered by a proprietary MetaPlus Blend® that includes caffeine-rich sources Guarana Seed and Green Tea. The blend in Celsius enacts thermogenesis, the process of raising your body temperature to trigger the body’s ability to effectively burn fat and calories, accelerate metabolism, create lean muscle, and boost endurance and drive while providing lasting energy.

Celsius is the world’s only negative calorie drink backed by clinical science. The validation through accredited science is the cornerstone of the Celsius point of differentiation in the marketplace, and studies are done on the product itself, not just its ingredients. Multiple published university studies have proven that drinking Celsius before exercise helps to burn up to 93% more body fat and 100 calories or more per serving.

Where Wear tasted the Celsius Sparkling Grape Rush and Sparkling Cola! Both offered great flavor, gave us energy and was the afternoon pick-me up we were needing! Click Here to purchase.

Aqua Carpatica

AQUA Carpatica, the world’s only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water. Because of the location of AQUA Carpatica’s protected springs, the water is completely nitrate free and loaded with natural minerals. Nitrates are contaminates from the runoff from fertilizer use, leakage from septic tanks and erosion of natural deposits. You can imagine how bad that is for your body! In addition to being free of nitrates, AQUA Carpatica’s naturally sparkling mineral water offers skincare benefits from:

  • Calcium – which helps the body generate new skin cells and shed old cells
  • Magnesium – which has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and allergy-reducing properties
  • A nearly neutral pH of 6.5 – the closest pH level to pure water compared to other sparkling waters on the market
  • Natural carbonation – which aids in exfoliation and oxygenation of the skin

Where Wear loved the Natural Sparkling Water which was thirst quenching and a perfect mixer for a cocktail! AQUA Carpatica recently announced the U.S. launch of its naturally sparkling mineral and still spring varieties at Sprouts Farmers Market Stores.

Where Wear will we be next….

Thirsty Thursday-ing,



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