Sunday at the Farm

I can’t think of any better way to spend a Sunday then at the farm-well the Ferry Building Farmers Marketplace that is! Bringing history and culture together makes this such a unique place to browse, admire and take in a beautiful view!!! The Marketplace houses a variety of shops showcasing fresh farms products, artisan and baked goods, wine merchants, floral, and hand crafted merchandise.  Come to shop, play, and enjoy  a day on the Bay! 

A beautiful day on the bay!


Blue Bottle Coffee
Photo Courtesy of Google

Whinos beware!


A lovely glass of Pinot Noir

Cut the cheese please!

Milk It!

Delicious homemade lemon hummus with crackers

Farm Fresh for You!

Tutti Fruiti

Photos by Allison

Where Wear will I be next….

Cruisin SF,


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