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Brighten my skin and you’ve brightened my day! Working long hours and not getting as much sleep as I would like has just left my skin looking less vibrant these days. Boy how I miss my skin looking fresh and full of life! It’s no secret that I’m all about affordable beauty products and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on just any old product.  For a mere $25.00 (yes I know…score!) I’ve “found a great rejuvenating product-Own Firming Silk Concentrate.

Own Firming Silk Concentrate

I’ve been using it since last weekend and what a difference it has made! It has instantly tightened and toned my dull complexion so quick! It contains no water and addresses the three major signs of aging-dullness, drying and loss of firmness all all three layers of the skin. Its quick to absorb and features OWN’s signature CLA technology, leaving the skin silky to the touch and promoting collagen at the surface to make for younger and healthier skin. Containing Vitamin E and coconut oil, the serum comes in a nice travel size bottle with a test tube to help with application. It’s so easy to apply with a just a squeeze of the tube a little drop can go a long way! I spread it around the forehead area and around the eyes where I need the  most lift and then added my daily moisturizer and makeup on top. It doesn’t make me look too shiny and provides me a lovely reflection all day!  It is one of my favorite products of the moment to make my skin look healthier and brighter! Get it on the site, at Duane Reade, Whole Foods (Northern Cali), on Amazon.com, or Drugstore.com. Enlist in trying the whole Own Bio-activating Skincare product line! Ready for younger looking skin? Own it!!


Where Wear will I be next….

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