Own the Night

Is your skin feeling dry, dull, and less firm? With temperatures changing daily, its likely to be taking a toll on your skin too! Time to ramp up your nightly beauty regimen with a sure to love product by Own!

As I mentioned in a previous post about  Own’s firming skin concentrate  (You will love it too!), these products are luxury in a box and affordable at the same time! As the first night cream, to target the three major signs of aging-dryness, dullness, loss of firmness, you can “own” the night with Own’s Refining Moisture Night Cream. Own’s very propriety CLA compound (derived from a safflower plant) penetrates all three layers of the skin to aid in moisture retention, activation of skin cell renewal and repair of your collagen structure. The glycolic acid in the product helps to strip away dead skin cells and improve overall skin tone leaving your skin hydrated, illuminated and refreshed by a green tea scent.

Own’s Refining Moisture Night Cream
Photo Courtesy of Own

Smooth skin sans profile


Shop the entire line and even measure “My Own” beauty  progress straight from your phone!

Where Wear will I be next….

Own’ ing it,


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