Fabulous Food Finds: Wicked Po’Boys

Fabulous Food Finds: Wicked Po’Boys
“Crazy Good Food from Good Crazy People”

Born and raised in arguably one of the best cities in the world, New Orleans, I know a thing or two about good food. Most importantly, I know a good po’boy when I see one. There are many restaurants that claim to have “authentic New Orleans po’boys” but they never seem to get it right…until now. I recently went to visit Wicked Po’Boys in Richardson and found a true taste of NOLA right here in Texas.  Word of advice – go hungry because you are going to want to try everything on the menu!!!

With a slogan like “put some Wicked south in ‘yo mouth” I knew I was in for a real treat, I just didn’t know how true to New Orleans flavor it was going to be. Everyone knows the secret to a great po’boy is the bread…owners Joey and Lan Chi Le did their research – they spent nearly 4 months working with a local bakery to perfect the bread – and it really paid off. They took samples from their favorite bakeries in NOLA and combined characteristics of each to create their own version of po’boy heaven. To some it may sound crazy, 4 months just for bread? Trust me, it was time well spent.

Warning: the pictures you are about to see are going to make you very hungry…prepare yourself.

Menu Item Musts – Extra Wicked Style

Crawfish Etouffee & Fried Crawfish Po’Boy

I have one word: AMAZING! Who thinks to put crawfish etouffee on a po’boy?! One bite into this po’boy and I felt like I was back home in NOLA. I never knew that food could make me homesick. I felt like I was going to walk out the door and be right on St. Charles Ave waiting for a Mardi Gras parade to arrive.

Roast Beef N’ Gravy Po’Boy

I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical about this one only because my all-time favorite po’boy is the roast beef and gravy from Domilise’s in NOLA. My NOLA friends are going to be surprised when I say this but I have a new favorite. Hats off to Wicked Po’boy – this is by far the BEST roast beef and gravy po’boy I have ever had.

Ridiculously Charred Oysters

My opinion of oysters is forever changed! This is a must try for everyone – one bite and you will be hooked! Paired with some Wicked French bread this menu item is sure to get your taste buds screaming!

Are you hungry yet?! Check out the full menu at Wicked Po’Boys.

In addition to the amazingly awesome food, Wicked Po’Boys captured the true feel of NOLA with artistic accents throughout the restaurant. My favorite was this picture showing how people in NOLA give directions – oh so true!

Wicked Po’Boys in a Nutshell:
A NOLA taste explosion! Wicked Po’Boys rivals some of the best in NOLA; I even dare say their po’boys are better. Watch out Texas – Wicked Po’Boys is here to party NOLA style and we all know that NOLA knows how to party!

I’m excited to now have a true taste of home right here in Texas! I can promise you that you will find Wicked Po’Boys at all of my Saints and LSU football game watching parties from now on – what a perfect match! In true NOLA style I say this to you – GEAUX to Wicked Po’Boys now!

Until next time, where will I eat next?


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  1. Jen says:

    Spot-on review! We came back from a NOLA visit and found this place a couple of weeks later. Felt like we were back on the French Quarter! It’s a place to fall in love with – we’ll be regulars!

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