Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

 I recently headed out to my old stomping grounds of LA, hitting bridal appointments (no not mine!), boutique browsing, and perusing the finds of the Rose Bowl Flea Market…our group definitely kept pretty busy throughout the quick trip! A stop at one of LA’s most popular and most coveted of boutiques-Maxfield had my head spinning for fall finds! Where the fashionable (including A list celebrities) go to be seen, heard and of course decked out to the nines! Just a few things that caught my eye!

Courtesy of Google




Pictures by Allison

1. Givenchy mohair handbag splurge, knockoff 

2. Alaia dress splurge, knockoff

3. Chanel clutch splurge, knockoff

 In the area, check out Maxfield’s Gallery and Bleu shops too!

Where Wear will I be next….

SF exploring,


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