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Who says the ombre look is only for your hair? Last week I viewed the Anthropologie Fall Fashion Showcase while enjoying lunch at the Warwick Hotel’s Landmark Restaurant. Featured in the show were ombre tights….they go from a dark to lighter shade just like your hair! Offered in black and brown colors!


Ombre Tights Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie.com

Every Wednesday night beginning at 8:30pm CST, you can find stylish pieces compliments of The Finds Auction. Checkout tonight’s Monogrammed clutches!

Me Like! Photo Courtesy of The Find Auction

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So we ladies have the pleasure of receiving monthly specialty boxes from the likes of Birchbox or PopSugar, just to name a few, but what about the guys?

Gentlemen…..now I present you the Trunk Club….start with your style profile and then expect to see a trunk show up at your door with everything from button-up shirts, jackets, jeans, chinos, tees, shoes…you name it! You have 10 days to try everything on and keep what you like and ship the rest back! P.S. They will not charge your credit card until 10 days after shipment, so you have plenty of time to return your unwanted items! Click Here for more info on pricing.

Where Wear will I be next……

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P.S. Where Wear would like to add more guys to our readership, so guys please email us any topics or vendors you all would like to know about!


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